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BANKS Releases Haunting Music Video For ‘Trainwreck’!

The return of a Goddess!

BANKS, who put out one of our favorite albums of 2016, has just dropped the official music video for her latest The Altar single, “Trainwreck” – my absolute favorite from the LP!!

Continuing a tradition of unhinged visual glory, the Marie Schuller-directed clip exercises her unpredictable and dark sensuality as she performs in front of an old-school VHS camera for anonymous suited ghouls who seem to be trying to control her, follow her, and record her. BANKS goes along with it but knows they’re a bunch of creepy fakes, so eventually she gets her revenge. Are the suited ghouls supposed to represent the mainstream media? record executives? Your momma? WHO KNOWS, either way I absolutely lived.

BANKS’ sophomore album The Altar is available on Spotify and Apple Music now!

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