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Julia Michaels’ ‘Issues’: The Birth Of A Songwriting Superstar!

As previously mentioned back in October, Julia Michaels is the definition of pop radio gold.

IN CASE YOU NEEDED REMINDING: For the past two years, the beautiful 23-year-old singer-songstress has had a hand in penning the best that pop music has to offer alongside her talented “song husband” Justin Tranter — from Justin Bieber‘’s “Sorry” to Selena Gomez‘s “Good For You” and “Hands To Myself” to Hailee Steinfeld‘s “Love Myself” to Nick Jonas‘ “Close,” to a majority of the tracks off of Gwen Stefani‘s This Is What The Truth Feels Like and Britney Spears‘ latest triumph Glory including “Invitation,” “Do You Wanna Come Over?,” “Just Luv Me” and “Slumber Party.”

Yes, she’s proven herself to be one of the best songwriters in the business. But now, she’s preparing to serve up another smash… except this time around, it’s for herself!

Ladies, gents and mo’s, I present to you the debut single from songwriting-superstar-in-the-making Julia Michaels: “Issues,” a song crafted by Julia herself alongside Justin Tranter, produced by Benny Blanco and Stargate. And no, the song title isn’t trying to trick you: “Issues” is indeed about issues. “My boyfriend and I like to fight a lot. I have a lot of problems. He has a lot of problems,” Julia said in a statement about the song. “Somehow, we always work them out and find a way back to each other. ‘Issues’ is knowing and accepting you have problems and your partner has problems and when shit gets hard, you don’t just walk away, you make it work—no matter how fucked up you are. You’re there for each other.”

‘Cause I got issues/ But you got ’em too/ So give ’em all to me/ And I’ll give mine to you,” Julia sings on the chorus, backed by a sparse and atmospheric bass-dominated production. “Bask in the glory/ Of all our problems/ ‘Cause we got the kind of love/ It takes to solve ’em/ Yeah, I got issues/ And one of them is how bad I need you.” It’s personal, big, beautiful and bold — exactly what I expected to hear, and more.

Julia better start getting mentally prepared now, ’cause she’s heading to the top of the charts again. But this time, she’s going up all on her own.

“Issues,” the debut single from Julia Michaels is also available on Spotify and Apple Music!

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