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Sean Paul & Dua Lipa Get The Vibe Right In ‘No Lie’ Music Video!

In case you’ve been out of the loop… Sean Paul‘s latest single “No Lie” is an instant earworm from the very first play. No li-i-ie!

The pulsating, Dua Lipa-assisted dancehall number has already been on heavy rotation every since it dropped back in November, and now, we have accompanying music video to go along with it that is just wonderful and fabulous, too.

In the trippy Tim Nackashi-directed clip, we see Sean and Dua taking turns in front of the camera as they dance it out in various reflective backdrops. No big storyline, but they managed to capture the feel of the track through a creative artistic concept – It’s all very stylish. Sean and Dua‘s presence is really all anyone needs, the song does the rest of the talking – GET INTO IT!

“No Lie” feat. Dua Lipa is also available on Spotify and Apple Music!

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