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Introducing BLAJK, Toronto’s Best Kept Secret!

Everyone, please give a warm 2017 welcome to BLAJK, my current obsession.

In late 2015, the mysterious Toronto-based 4-piece group – consisting of Brent Gordon (guitar), Jordan Radics (lead vocals), Raymond McTaggart (drums), and Thomas Conrad (bass, keys) – appeared with no biographical information, no photos and no back story, offering only a track titled: “Hamptons,” a barely 3-minute pop-noir gem that comes loaded with a sultry and hypnotic vibe throughout. A very satisfying teaser of what they’re all about.

Since then, the up-and-coming foursome have quietly dropped “Lost,” “French Class” and “Good Liars,” all leading up to the independent release of their debut EP, Limited – a solid mini-collection of dark electro-pop jams that truly showcase their potential.

Along with the previously mentioned “Good Liars,” the EP includes infectious opener “Ltd” and “Lethal,” a pulsating slice of enchanting, synthesized electro-pop. The lyrics are pure poetry, too. “You’re here, you’re gone/ I’m weak, you’re strong/ You’re the reason I went wrong/ Can we carry on?/ Comatose, when you comin’ close/ You’re the one I feel the most/ Love me to a lethal dose,” frontman Jordan croons in his signature moody tone.

Then there’s the EP closer “Stepford” – my personal fave – a cryptic and haunting cut that relishes in a dark chill of distant whistles and ambient moodiness. Yet once the chorus rolls around, it’s clear that Jordan and his crew aren’t completely lost in a dark suburbia with their production: “Time’s got me wasted/ Aimless and vacant/ While I sip wine with Stepford wives/ Beautifully plated/ Flawlessly faceless/ Welcome to my sweet Stepford life,” Jordan sings on-top of a New Wave-inspired, disco pulse.

While it’s hard to make a full assessment on BLAJK just yet, what I’m hearing so far is a wonderful mixture of very satisfying electronica chills, moments of lyrical brilliance, and a unique frontman’s voice that sounds like a true rock star in the making. GET FAMILIAR!

BLAJK’s debut Limited EP is also available on Apple Music and Google Play!

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