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‘Dearly Beloved’: The Unexpectedly Joyous Return Of Kiesza!

Kiesza is back! (There’s so much good music being served today. BE THANKFUL!)

Aside from some collaborations sprinkled across the last two years, it’s been a while since we got new material from the Canadian songbird who brought us dance gems like “Hideaway,” “Giant In My Heart” and “No Enemiesz” in 2014 from her underrated debut Sound Of A Woman.

Kiesza‘s grand return comes in the form of a brand new track called “Dearly Beloved.” The track – produced by the legendary Stuart Price – sees Kiesza ditching the upbeat House sounds of Sound Of A Woman for something a little more grown up, nostalgic and unexpected. “For you I will fall/ For you I would lose it all/ For you great or small/ Dearly beloved anything that you want/ Anything that you want,” she assures over a funky, disco-influenced pulse. It’s very Prince-like, in the best way possible.

Consider me pleasantly surprised, Kiesza could have easily stayed in her House-pop lane but instead she decided to switch things up. Definitely not the direction I saw coming but a refreshing one for sure, she sounds wonderful and confident.

“When my best friend Alice and the Glass Lake passed away nearly a year and a half ago, her white electric guitar was passed along to me,” Kiesza said in a statement. “In her memory and because I love her so much, I promised myself that I would not let it sit in its case collecting dust. I was going to play the hell out of it, just as she would have done. So that’s what I’m doing. Inspired by her and all of you, I am absolutely ecstatic to be able to start off this new chapter with my new song, ‘Dearly Beloved’.”

Kiesza’s new single “Dearly Beloved” is also available on Apple Music!

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