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Fergie Takes Us On A Sunny Cruise In Carefree ‘Life Goes On’ Music Video!

Let’s go for a ride with Fergie, shall we?

In the just released Chris Marrs Piliero-directed clip for her new Double Dutchess single “Life Goes On,” we see the 41-year-old Black Eyed Peas diva hitting the streets of Malibu for a sunny cruise. She proceeds to hit the beach, roll around in the sand, and has a small bonfire with some social influencers. Much like the song itself, the fitting visual is very loose and carefree.

“It just felt like the world needs healing, needs a pep talk, and this song was kind of pep talk to myself — from myself, to myself, kind of speaking in the mirror,” Fergie recently told People. “Really, [when you listen to the song with headphones], the left speaker’s the sub-conscious voice, so if you listen to the whole left speaker, it’s all the answers. I just wanted to do something completely opposite of “M.I.L.F. $” and peel back the layers and show my vulnerable side because there’s so much vulnerability on my album that I just wanted people to know that it’s not just one thing.”

Fergie’s new single “Life Goes On” is also available on Spotify and Apple Music!

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