Erik Hassle Pours His Heart Out On Latest ‘Innocence Lost’ Cut ‘Missing You’!

Exactly two weeks after announcing the January 27 release of his forthcoming full-length album Innocence Lost, Swedish soul-pop sensation Erik Hassle has dropped off yet another glimpse into the collection in the from closing track, “Missing You“!

Crafted alongside Grammy nominated John Hill (Jay-Z, MIA, Charli XCX, Florence & The Machine) in Los Angeles, “Missing You” is a highly emotional and personal ballad that sees Erik weaving together a poignant and palpable tale of loss that’s as hypnotic as it is heartbreaking.

Held your hand in the ambulance/ Held your hand as you faded away/ I could feel your energy/ My pillow to the heaven,” Erik confesses across the warm, lush production before letting out all the feels on the devastating hook: “I’m missing you, but I can’t stop missing you/ I’m missing you, but I…/ I’m missing you (Yeah, yeah).” Can someone give this man a hug, stat?

“It comes from a real story of losing somebody way too early,” Erik said in a statement. “I sang it one-and-a-half times, because I broke down on the second take. The lyrics speak for themselves.”

Erik Hassle’s new single “Missing You” is also available on Apple Music, Google Play and Spotify!

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