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G.R.L. Keep It Moving With Sassy #SomethingMoreUrban Banga ‘Are We Good?’

After making a comeback with their ridiculously fun club banger “Kiss Myself” in September, the newly reformed G.R.L.Jazzy Mejia, Natasha Slayton and Lauren Bennett – are already back at it with a infectious slice of urban-pop perfectly suited for a dance-filled weekend.

Unlike the slightly, well, gay dancefloor feel of “Kiss Myself,” “Are We Good?” is what we here like to call a #SomethingMoreUrban banga.

Get to the bottom, get straight to the point/ If we got a problem, better make a choice/ Get to the bottom, get straight to the point,” the girls urge on-top of a hypnotic dance pulse before the sassy hook comes surging in for the sell: “Are we good?/ Are we, are we good? Are we, are we good?/ ‘Cause I can’t read your mind/ No more wasting my time, so tell me/ Are we, are we good? Are we, are we good?

The Hook N Sling-produced ode to “no more drama” and “game-playing” is a little all over the place but it works. It’s pop, it’s R&B, it’s hip-hop, it’s dance, it’s a little bit of errthang and I’m totally here for it.

“‘Are We Good’ is about a no bullshit approach to friendship and all relationships. Drama and game-playing are completely pointless,” G.R.L. said in a statement. “If you have a problem with me, let me know. Let’s fix it and air it out. At the bottom of every problem, there is a solution. So “let’s get to the bottom let’s get to the point”. There’s no time in life for fake friends or unaired issues, and anyone who wants to stay in the vibration of a problem is probably not going to fit into the picture of my life. Are we good?”

Alright now, no more wasting my time – GET INTO IT!

G.R.L.’s new single “Are We Good?” is also avaible on Apple Music and Google Play!

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