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FLETCHER Debuts Empowering Visual For Debut EP Standout ‘Princess’!

FLETCHER, New Jersey-bred rising songstress who dropped her impressively great debut EP Finding Fletcher back in September, is back with the official music video for her latest single “Princess” – and you might need to grab some kleenex folks!

The clip, directed by Ryan Hutchins and produced by Bill Hendrickson, follows the story of three young girls as they go through some painful moments in their life. “The three characters in this video were inspired by a few of my friends in college,” FLETCHER told TIME. “One was kicked out of the house for being gay, another left home because their parents didn’t understand their gender identity, and another dear friend almost lost her battle with bulimia.”

“It was very powerful producing ‘Princess.’ I cry most times I perform this song; it’s definitely the most personal record I’ve ever released. I think of my friends who inspired it,” FLETCHER added. “I think of all the other girls around the world who are experiencing the very same struggles. Seeing the actors bring those stories as well as their own stories to life was overwhelming.”

FLETCHER’s debut Finding Fletcher EP is available on iTunes and Spotify now!

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  • Guy

    The amount of attention that such a small group of people (~0.3% transgender) gets in the USA nowadays is almost beyond belief. I wish them all well, but I mean… comon… like every singers pet issue seems to be various championing x, y or z sexual preference, like it’s supposed to be edgy. The song is well done, video is well done, but how many times does this theme need to done before it stops being interesting? Just my opinion.

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