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‘Just Like That’: Vardaan Arora Keeps The Infectious Pop Goodness Coming! (Exclusive Premiere)

Vardaan Arora, New Delhi-born singer-songwriter on the rise, got us all grooving over the summer with his ridiculously catchy debut single “Feel Good Song,” and we’ve been hooked ever since.

Following the premiere of its inspirational accompanying music video earlier this month, Vardaan has decided to give us more to work with in the form of: “Just Like That,” his brand new single premiering exclusively on JonALi’sBlog!

Where “Feel Good Song” served as a healthy serving of musical healing in its own right, “Just Like That” is all about having that someone in your life who can help put your restless mind at ease just by thinking about them, all while supplying a substantial amount of addictive melodies between some infectious rhythmic dancehall-influenced pulsations in the process. “With the thought of you coming over/ clothes are off and we’re not sober/ I’m all yours for the night/ so baby just turn off my mind/ turn off my mind, just like that/ you give me life (need you so bad) / turn off my mind, just like that,” Vardaan urges before a delicious dance drop comes crashing in for the kill on the post-chorus.

“I wrote about half the song before I went in to record it, and it was actually originally supposed to be called “Turn Off My Mind”. I talked with Kevin Leach, who produced the song, and we both agreed that “Just Like That” was a simpler, more to-the-point title for it,” Vardaan told Jon ALi in a statement. “Compared to my first single, I think “Just Like That” is lyrically more vulnerable – and also more straight forward. It’s much sexier than “Feel Good Song” – and the intention was also for the verses to feel a lot moodier. I’m sure most of us have had days where we look forward to spending time with someone – a boyfriend, girlfriend, friend, anyone really – who proves to be a healthy distraction from any problems we may have been having, or any overthinking we may have been doing. I wanted “Just Like That” to capture exactly that, lyrically – but I still wanted it to be an infectious pop song that makes you want to get up and move.”

You digging Vardaan so far? Good, I certainly am. Dive into “Just Like That” below and dance away all the feels.

Vardaan Arora’s new single “Just Like That” is also available on Spotify, Apple Music and Google Play!

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