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John Legend & Chance the Rapper Takes Us On Funky Escape To The ‘Penthouse Floor’!

A little ignorance and bliss,” so lets take it to the “Penthouse Floor” with John Legend and Chance the Rapper!

With just a little over two weeks left go to until Darkness and Light hits stores on December 2, the R&B crooner has offered up another teaser off of his upcoming fifth studio LP in the form of: “Penthouse Floor,” a smooth, head-knocking jam all about getting lifted and drowning out the noise. “All that bubbly all that wine/ Oh man look at the times/ Didn’t they notice, notice/ Only future I can see, ain’t what it used to be,” John preaches over the slow-moving, funky groove.

Meanwhile, Lil Chano comes through with an old knock-knock joke. “Knock-knock,” he rhymes. “Who there? It’s us. Us who? Just us.” It’s a solid little number, but surely, nothing to freak out over. Expected a little more from these two… What do you guys think?

1. I Know Better
2. Penthouse Floor (feat. Chance the Rapper)
3. Darkness and Light (feat. Brittany Howard)
4. Overload (feat. Miguel)
5. Love Me Now
6. What You Do to Me
7. Surefire
8. Right By You (for Luna)
9. Temporarily Painless
10. How Can I Blame You
11. Same Old Story
12. Marching Into the Dark
13. Drawing Lines (Target Exclusive)
14. What You Do to Me (Piano Demo) (Target Exclusive)
15. Love You Anyway (Target Exclusive)

John Legend’s fifth studio album Darkness and Light is available for pre-order on iTunes now!

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