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Nelly Furtado Digs Deeper On ‘Pipe Dreams’, Sets Date For New Album ‘The Ride’!

The time for a full-fledged Nelly Furtado return has finally arrived!

The Canadian diva made somewhat of comeback earlier this year with the release of her spectacular Blood Orange collaboration “Hadron Collider,” from his latest album Freetown Sound. And ever since, she’s been dropping little hints that a new project was near with the release of “Behind Your Back” in July and “Islands of Me” back in September.

Well… After much much teasing over the past few months, Nelly has announced that her sixth studio album The Ride is officially due out March 3. The new LP was produced by John Congleton, who’s worked with artists like Marilyn Manson, Angel Olsen, St. Vincent and many more. “It’s interesting, the influences on the new record — the album is called The Ride. I made it in Dallas, Texas, and Dallas, Texas has a sound. So these guys I played with tonight, they’re from Dallas. And a lot of people grew up playing in the church, playing gospel music, and there’s a certain swagger to the way they play,” Nelly told i-D. “John Congleton produced the entire record. He’s got an incredible resumé. I met him through Annie Clark of St. Vincent. He produced all four of her albums. Annie introduced us, we really got along, and I just kind of cold-turkey flew to Dallas. Together we wrote this song called “Flatlines” that’s on my album. I would call the sound of the album modern pop-alternative. I write pop melodies, I’ve always written pop melodies. But John forces me to dig a little deeper and make sure that I’m coming correct with the lyrics. I was also in a really cool phase in my life where I was going through a difficult time of transition and that helped lyrically. I just had so much to write about. I think I grew as a songwriter on this album.”

To give us more of an idea of what we should be expecting from The Ride, Nelly has premiered a brand new tune: “Pipe Dreams,” a slow-building, mellow cut that sees her laying down her dreamy vocals against some swooping atmospherics, marching drums, and eventually, a very groovy organ. “Don’t sell me no pipe dreams/ I wanna live with you through everything/ Don’t sell me no pipe dreams/ I wanna life in a kaleidoscope,” Nelly declares across the moody pulsations.

It sounds like a drastically different Nelly at first listen — and, well, it is. But the gorgeous songcraft, as well as Nelly‘s voice, all help to make the new approach feel like a natrual evolution. Nelly has always been a singer-songwriter first, pop star second.

I’m certainty here for The Ride – What do you guys think?

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