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Betty Who Gets Her Fix On The Dancefloor With New Single ‘Human Touch’!

Aussie darling Betty Who has returned, and its for real real this time!

It’s hard to believe that it’s already been THREE years since Betty Who first won us over with her impressive independent debut EP, The Movement. Since then, she’s signed to RCA Records, released a fantastic full-length LP titled Take Me When You Go, and has been non-stop touring for two years. She’s a full-fledged pop star, y’all!

Following the summer release of her dreamy Donna Lewis cover of “I Love You Always Forever,” Betty‘s finally ready to get things really moving again with the premiere of her brand new single: “Human Touch,” the official lead single off of her anticipated sophomore album due out early next year.

Written by Betty herself alongside Kyle Moorman and her usual collaborator and producer Peter Thomas, “Human Touch” sees Betty ditching in her giddy, ’80’s-flavored electro-pop beats on this more on-trend, dance smasher all about getting her late-night fix from her former love. “The lights, cold nights, remember when/ I call you every now and then/ So good, that on and off again/ And on again,” Betty gently croons on the lush production as warm, tropical-like pulsations effortlessly begin to fill out the track, bringing to mind Justin Bieber. “Oh, why don’t you come over?/ Baby be close to me, just like you used to be/ Oh, one more night to hold ya/ We don’t have to call it love, we just need a human touch.”

Between the song’s infectious strut and those addictive melodies, “Human Touch” is a big, triumphant display of Betty‘s growth and increasingly confident personality. This is Betty 2.0 folks. “I’ve spent the past two years on the road, and I walked away with this intense feeling of wanting to make dance music,” Betty said in a statement. “All of that touring and living developed my sense of self… ‘Human Touch’ is the introduction to that new version of myself I’ve found in the last couple of years.” Welcome back girl – LOVE! LOVE!

Betty Who’s new single “Human Touch” is also available on Spotify, Apple Music and Google Play!

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