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‘Life Goes On’: Fergie Reboots ‘Double Dutchess’ Era With Positive Message!

Fergie is back (again) and she’s got a message for us all: “Reach the unreachable, achieve the unbelievable/ In the midst of all the madness, remember life’s beautiful.”

The Black Eyed Peas goddess actually came back over the summer with her off-the-wall motherhood anthem “M.I.L.F. $.” It’s a banger of sorts, yes, but the song itself barely gained any steam. It’s truly fierce, cameo-heavy music video, however, has managed to rack up over 128 million views – impressive, without a doubt.

This time around, Fergie‘s really really back… in the sense of a more subtle, signature solo Fergie approach with her brand new single, “Life Goes On.” And much like her very own #1 Toby Gad-produced smash “Big Girls Don’t Cry,” “Life Goes On” – also produced by Toby Gad – finds Fergie lacing her infectious vocals up against acoustic guitar melodies and a simple drum beat backdrop. The difference this time around is that they’ve thrown in some trendy 2016 flare into the mix, and Fergie has got a lot more to say… in a positive sense, at least.

Every conversation gets me high on motivation/ Gets me craving of your own familiar situation/ Reach the unreachable, achieve the unbelievable/ In the midst of all the madness, remember life’s beautiful/ Still I’m feeling restless, thinking I should rest less/ Work more, play hard, ready for the encore/ Is this the kinda life I really wanna live for? (two times)/ In my heart I know, less is more,” Fergie preaches on the second verse before she lifts us up on the hook: “Life goes on with or without you/ It’s up to you what you’re gonna do/ You could go or you could stay/ Who cares anyway?/ Life goes on with or without you/ Damn it baby, what you’re gonna do?/ You could go or you could stay/ But who cares anyway?

And then comes the bridge, where she truly goes in with some of her signature rap-singing: “Feel the vibration of the higher ground/ Love always leads to the highest sound/ Many conversations, people makin’ speculations/ As to my procrastination due to my revelations/ And then they get fugazi/ You call yourself a rider?/ You need to speed your loyalty up like Bugatti/ Baby don’t underestimate my underdog mentality/ We ’bout to race ahead, ambition on Ferrari.”

In our current post-2016 Presidential Election results world, “Life Goes On” feels comforting with its positive lyricism, but it doesn’t necessarily sound quite as exciting as it should. Still, it’s.. you know, cute. I’m happy with it. What do you guys think?

Fergie’s new single “Life Goes On” is also available on Spotify and Apple Music!

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