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Tinashe Drops Full-Length ‘Joyride’ Prequel ‘Nightride’ – Watch The Short Film & Stream Here!

OH HAPPY (FRI)DAY! Before she takes us on her much-delayed Joyride, Tinashe unleashes her surprise project titled Nightride. It’s the genre-hopping diva’s first body of work since the release of her fourth mixtape Amethyst last year.

The brand new collection – including 12-tracks new tracks of late night R&B seduction, as well as previously released singles “Ride Of Your Life,” “Party Favors” and “Company” – serves as the prequel to her upcoming studio LP Joyride, as confirmed by Tinashe herself. “Nightride is my newest full-length project. I have been working on it quietly for nearly two years, alongside Joyride,” she explained in a statement. “This is the beginning of the journey, one piece of the puzzle that makes me who I am both as an artist and as a human. Being human is about embracing the many different sides of you rather than trying to limit, label, or box yourself in… Nightride is an expression of that duality. I’m so exited to share the first side with you now.”

“I’m so sick of appeasing people, trying to make everybody… ‘your opinion is right, you’re right, I’m wrong’. You have to be a soldier, you have to be willing everyday to go out there and look at the world and say: ‘Hey, I know this situation is fucked up, hey, I know this isn’t fair but you have to enjoy it for what it is.’ This is a fucked up twisted journey, it’s a crazy world out there,” Tinashe confesses in the opening lines of Nightride‘s accompanying short film, directed by Stephen Garnett.

A true treat for anyone of you that has been following her since the release of very first 2012 mixtape In Case We Die. Buckle up and enjoy!

Tinashe’s new mixtape Nightride is also avaible to stream on Spotify and purchase on iTunes!

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