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Vardaan Arora’s Inner Demons Battle It Out In ‘Feel Good Song’ Music Video!

In July, I introduced New York-based singer-songwriter Vardaan Arora and his ridiculously catchy single, “Feel Good Song.” Well finally after reaching over 1 million streams on Spotify, the up-and-comer has finally debuted the accompanying music video for his debut single!

In the clip, directed by Ian Moran and choreographed by Nicole Johnson, we see a handsome Vardaan sitting firmly on chair while dancers begin to perform intricate choreography directly behind him, dressed fittingly in black and white to represent the good and the bad thoughts that consume your brain on a daily basis. “Writing ‘Feel Good Song‘ was truly a life changing experience for me. Since it was the first song I’d ever written, the whole process was a little nerve wracking. But, ultimately, I think it came organically,” Vardaan told CLASH. “I drew from personal experiences, and I wanted the music video to embody those feelings. The lyrics are inspired by my own struggle with mental health issues – obsessive compulsive disorder, specifically – about how sometimes your own mind can feel like a battlefield, when something that is a part of you can be your own worst enemy. That’s why I wanted fight choreography in the music video.”

“Filming the video was so, so surreal,” Vardaan added. “It was an overnight shoot, and levels of excitement were super high. I got the opportunity to meet all these amazingly talented dancers. Some of their stories were incredible. One of them (his name was Gregor) was deaf. It blew my mind. He nailed the choreography perfectly, without even knowing what the song sounded like. There is so much talent in the world, and I just felt extremely lucky that I was able to work with these people to create something that means a lot to me.”

Listen to Vardaan Arora’s debut single “Feel Good Song” on Apple Music and Spotify now!

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