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Tove Lo Debuts Exceptionally Intense ‘Lady Wood’ Short Film, ‘Fairy Dust’!

IN CASE YOU MISSED IT: Tove Lo‘s brand new album, Lady Wood, officially dropped everywhere on Friday (October 25)!

Lady Wood is the first installment of a double album about chasing all kinds of rushes: Lady Wood‘s first half, titled “Fairy Dust,” chronicles the initial hit of adrenaline or attraction; the second half, “Fire Fade” explores what happens when those sparks start to cool. It’s an aggressive, exhilarating, hypnotic, very honest, emotional roller-coaster from start to finish – and I am completely obsessed with it.

I literally have not stopped playing it since it arrived, everything from the title track “Lady Wood” to her zero-fucks-anthem “True Disaster” to the soaring “Flashes” is Swede-pop perfection. Seriously, if you haven’t given the album a listen yet, do it now.

In celebration of its release, Tove has debuted her passion project: Fairy Dust, an accompanying short film featuring songs from Lady Wood‘s first half, that explores Tove‘s Lady Wood narrative even more. It’s kind of like Beyoncé‘s Lemonade meets Lana Del Rey‘s Tropico, but its even more gritty, revealing, raunchy, and definitely more in-your-face. You’ve been warned!

“My short film about the never-ending escape and all the rushes and pain that comes with it,” Tove said in a statement. “I always dreamt about doing something like this, and that I get to share this with all of you now feels unreal. THANK YOU my dear friend and director Timothy Erem, and our whole team and crew for making this movie possible. Love you forever. Now… open up and take it in. #FAIRYDUST”

A sequel LP, expected next year, will continue the story with two more chapters about climaxes and comedowns: “Light Beams” and “Pitch Black” – Our first taste Lady Wood‘s sequel LP comes in the form of “What I Want For The Night (Bitches),” which can be heard at the very end of Fairy Dust. WATCH!

Tove Lo’s sophomore album Lady Wood is also available on Apple Music and Spotify!

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