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Kiiara Moves Forward With Hazy ‘Feels’ – Watch Music Video!

Kiiara – who I introduced back in March – has been straight up killing it in the mainstream thanks to her break out single “Gold“! And to keep building off that momentum, the 21-year-old singer-songwriter has decided to move forward with “Feels” as the next single off of her debut EP, Low Kii Savage.

The clip, directed by Andrew Donoh, follows Kiiara as she makes her way out of a house party and walks back into real life, where everything around her begins to disintegrate and float away. Is it a trippy metaphor for all her hangover “Feels” or is this a familiar under-the-influence daydream brought to life? I say both – WIN!

Listen to Kiiara’s debut Low Kii Savage EP on Apple Music!

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