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Café Dolores: A Jon ALi Playlist for Chef Phillip Basone!

Happy Friday y’all! Right now I’d like to take this time to introduce you to a very good friend of mine.

Phillip Basone, a Connecticut-born rising young chef currently living in New York City. While he’s been mastering his craft for years now, I’ve had the pleasure of witnessing his hard work and dedication first hand. It’s been A JOURNEY, to say the least.

Earlier this week, Phillip launched his very first pop-up restaurant Café Dolores at West Village restaurant Upholstery Store: Food and Wine. Serving recipes inspired by his grandmother (who he called Mema), and donating most proceeds to New Alternatives NYC for LGBT Homeless Youth. The pop-up was supported by ASOS as part of their new initiative ASOS Supports Talent, a program that was designed to find and support up-and-coming cultural influencers at the forefront of art, fashion, music, food, technology, and other categories.

“The philosophy behind Café Dolores is taking what I consider old school dishes and recreating them in a way with flavors that I love. I really feel like cooking is such a honest way of translating your feelings. It is so personal. Here is my idea, then made by my own hands to bring you joy,” Phillip told Edible Manhattan. “Each dish is really inspired by someone. If you’re making something for someone particular in mind I believe it’s just human nature to try and make it perfect, that’s motivation enough you know?”

It’s a dream opportunity, but truly, a well deserved one. I am so very proud of this man you guys! So when it came down to setting a vibe for Café Dolores via music, Phillip hit up his fellow sis to help out. And who better than me?? DUH. I was more than happy to help.

“I’m thinking something with no words, lots of like French bistro vibes with a little bit of house? Could just be a bunch of songs,” Phillip sent me in text. I took that into consideration and decided to do some digging. What I came up with is a 47-track collection of songs that I thought would be more of a fit to Phillip Basone, my friend, as opposed to Phillip Basone “The Chef.” It’s chill, sexy and fucking cool, just like the dreamboat himself.

Personal faves include Huko‘s “Blind,” Sofi Tukker cuts “Drinkee” and “Hey Lion,” LE YOUTH‘s “Me Without You,” Eli & Fur‘s irresistible late-night throb “Nightmares,” Christine and the Queens‘ “Tilted,” and the latest from TIEKS, “Sunshine” feat. Dan Harkna.

Check out Phillip‘s website, follow him on Instagram, and check out the playlist below!


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