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FRANKIE Offers Up Some Dreamy Perspective On New Single ‘Blink’!

In June, I introduced L.A’s newest, fresh-faced, quirky indie-pop singer-songstress on the rise FRANKIE and premiered the Viceroy Remix to her ridiculously addictive debut single, “New Obsession.”

Well it’s been a few months since then, and now, FRANKIE is back with a brand new offering: “Blink,” a similarly buoyant slice of dreamy electro-pop all about the ups and downs you experience throughout the years and how you decide to learn from them all.

“‘Cause we’re just a blink/ A little bit of history/ But the gods are left to notice/ Such a perfect moment,” she earnestly coos across the sparkling synthesizers and tripping drum loops. “Don’t you think/ Life’s worth the mystery?/ And even though we come and go/ There’s so much we could see in just a blink.” It’s a luscious little ditty filled with major earworm melodies, a satisfying teaser of what’s to come from her full-length. Perspective people!

“‘Blink is such a special song to me because it represents life,” FRANKIE told JustJared about the song. “Like most people, I’ve gone through some difficult things, but overcoming them has made me appreciate my life and all the people around me even more. I chose to have the single cover be a picture of me when I was 4 because when we’re young the experiences we go through haven’t affected us yet and we’re still filled with this positive hopeful outlook, which I think was captured. This is just a taste of all the songs I’ve been working on for the album so I’m super excited to finally share one of my new babies with the world!”

FRANKIE’s new single is also available on Spotify and Apple Music!

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