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Song of the Week: Tom Aspaul ‘Never Complaining’

Check out this week’s Song of the Week from Tom Aspaul!

Tom may or may not be a face or name you recognize just yet, but chances are you’ve already heard his fantastic work. The talented UK singer-songwriter has been on my radar ever since he unleashed his MNEK-produced single “Indiana,” which later went on to be re-recorded as “Feel So Good” for Kylie Minogue‘s 2014 album Kiss Me Once. Since then, Tom‘s kept busy writing for some of JonALi’sBlog‘s favorites like Little Boots (“Working Girl“), Karen Harding (“Those Girls“), Alex Newell (“Shame“) and AlunaGeorge (“Mediator“).

But now, Tom is ready to properly branch out on his very own with the release of new single, “Never Complaining,” co-crafted alongside Tim Deal (The Dealer) and GRADES. The track, the first taste of his forthcoming LEFT EP, is a smooth, ’90s R&B-feeling number that comes packed with a swirling groove and a enticing tale all about the meditation of toxic relationships. The chorus alone on this one is a real winner: “Never, never, never/ Never complaining when you treat me like that/ Never, ever, ever/ Any reason to deceive me like that.”

“The song is about not having the power to give up a toxic relationship. Written at a time when I was (and still am) in a brilliant relationship,” Tom said in a statement. “It playfully looks at how willing we can be to allow others to treat us badly. When it came to finishing the production, we took Indian and middle-Eastern string samples and overlayed interesting percussive elements to give it an unusual mix of world music, R&B and pop sensibilities.”

Tom is undeniably a sure thing – Get familiar now!

Tom Aspaul’s new single “Never Complaining” is also available on Spotify and Apple Music!

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