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Kimbra Makes Brief Return With Prince-Inspired ‘Sweet Relief’!

Kimbra is back to offer up some “Sweet Relief,” and it’s absolutely delicious!

Not much has come from the New Zealand singer’s camp since the release of her underrated 2014 album The Golden Echo, but luckily for us, Kimbra has decided to make a brief return in the form of “Sweet Relief.” The bouncy, retro-electro stomper is packing some serious Prince heat with its jabbing guitars, funky groove, punchy snyths and Kimbra‘s signature vocal acrobatics.

“‘Sweet Relief‘ came from a season of experimentation where I took time to work with some upcoming artists and producers that I love,” Kimbra said in a statement. “I’m a big fan of Redinho’s work. We made this track together in London. It highlights our shared love of warped funk and groove royals like Prince and Janet Jackson. For me, the song explores the push and pull of human desire for intimacy, the tension and power of touch, and a liberation of the senses. I’m about to start recording my third album, which is already going in new directions for me, but I really wanted to share this song before I embark on that new endeavor.”

If this is any indication, album #3 is going to be quite the joyride and I’m all for it!

Kimbra’s special treat “Sweet Relief” is also available on Apple Music now!

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