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‘Hungover’: G.R.L. Member Emmalyn Estrada Makes Proper Solo Debut!

G.R.L. may confidently be moving forward as a trio with “Kiss Myself,” but that doesn’t mean former member Emmalyn Estrada is ready to be forgotten just yet. Following the release of July’s “#FreeTitties,” the 24-year-old Canadian beauty has decided to keep pursing a solo career, continuing with her latest offering: “Hungover“!

The track – co-written by Daya and Troy Sivan hit-maker Leland, Sarah Aarons and Jordan Palmer – is an icy burst of energy, full of wonderfully bizarre beats, and one hell of an instantly catchy hook. “I wake up feelin’ like this/ Tellin myself I won’t do it again/ My make up stain on his lip/ Tellin me I don’t remember a thing/ Every time you wake up in my bed/ You see my face is painted with regret,” she sings with a sense of poise and reserve. “And I tell myself it’s over/ You make me feel like I’m hungover…”

The result is something that sounds like an upper-case version of Selena Gomez‘s “Hands To Myself,” and it’s a great look for Emmalyn. If she plays her cards right, “Hungover” could very well be just the song to make her the next big breakout star – WIN! WIN! WIN!

Emmalyn Estrada’s new single “Hungover” is also available on Apple Music now!

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