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‘Breathe’: Lauv Gives It To Us Good With An Almighty Ballad!

Praise the LAUV: Lauv has really nailed it this time.

I’ve been going hard for the LA-based singer-songwriter-producer ever since he showed up with “The Other” early last year, and I’ve been happily enjoying everything he’s put out ever since.

Breathe” is the soaring follow-up to June’s Travis Mills-assisted “Question” — and it’s a proper SMASH. Slowly striding into the speakers on gentle synths, “Breathe” – written by Lauv, Michael Matosic and DallasKsees – sees the rising singer supplying us with a full-bodied, super grown up midtempo power ballad loaded with sweeping melodies, loving come-ons and lush pop production. The chorus alone is just, like, perfection: “You’re my all and more/ All I know you taught me/ You’re my all and more/ But I need room to breathe,” he croons.

It’s truly his best vocal work yet. And coupled with the slow-soldiering beat and the crashing drums, it’s all just so grand sounding. A BALLAD of mega-porpotions! Nailed it, Mr Lauv.

Lauv’s new single “Breathe” is also available on Apple Music!

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