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Olly Murs Keeps It Real On New ’24 HRS’ Single, ‘Grow Up’!

Last we heard from English heartthrob Olly Murs, he was going through all the breakup feels on “You Don’t Know Love.”

Well the sadness stage is over! Olly has now moved onto the anger phase with “Grow Up,” the second official single off his upcoming fifth record 24 HRS, expected to be released on November 11th.

Grow Up” is a contemplative and slightly feisty, acoustic guitar-driven song that still stays true to Olly‘s addictive pop music aesthetic. While it’s not as innovative sounding (production wise) as its predecessor, it’s just as memorable — if not more memorable — than anything he’s done.

“It’s not as harsh as people might think. We started the session writing about a specific person but as the song developed, we all sat in the room and spoke about people we felt needed to grow up and people we didn’t like,” Olly told BBC about the song. “Sometimes you fall out with your friends and sometimes you just grow apart. This song was an opportunity to say ‘Seriously, I’m not too proud to try and make friends with you again, but you need to just grow up’.”

Who hasn’t grown apart from a friend at some point in their life? This song preaches on so many levels – WIN!

Olly Murs’ new single “Grow Up” is also available on Apple Music now!

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