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Ferras Provides The Healing Touch On ‘Medicine’ Feat. Raja Kumari!

Ferras made quite the welcomed return this summer, having supplied us with the infectiously smooth “Closer” in July. But Ferras was just getting the ball rolling again. . .

Last month, the LA-based singer-songwriter – who became Katy Perry‘s first Metamorphosis Music signee – dropped yet another new track from his forthcoming new project: “Medicine” featuring Raja Kumari! The track is an upbeat, rhythmic Indian-sampling ode to that special someone in your life. “A trip to a healing ceremony where your soulmate is basically a medicine man (or woman),” Ferras told V magazine.

“I recently met someone who has changed me in so many ways. Someone who makes me feel like everything is going to be ok,” he added. “Someone who makes me feel understood and seen, no matter what I’m going through. It’s about a love that vibrates through your entire being and makes you a better person because of it. I used to need to get fucked up to feel as high as this person makes me feel sober. I wanted to capture the feeling of how someone could literally be like medicine for your body and your soul. Just by connecting with their essence, you are, in a sense, healed.”

Ferras clearly knows the feeling of being in love, which is why he’s crafted this most essential tune – Get into it!

Ferras’ new single “Medicine” featuring Raja Kumari is also available on Apple Music now!

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