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Lola Blanc Gets Spooky On Debut EP Title Track ‘The Magic’!

Lola BlancReady for some sweet magic to brighten up your Melania Trump meme-filled Tuesday?

Following the release of her swaggering ballad “Don’t Say You Do” last month, Lola Blanc is back with another reassuring glimpse into her forthcoming highly-anticipated debut EP, The Magic, due out in August – and this one just may be her best offering yet!

Kicking off with a spooky piano melody, “The Magic” suggests at first that Lola‘s about to head into some sort of like scary movie theme territory — but then, it swerves: In comes a cool, chilly, sort of reggae-tinged pulse, as Lola questions her beliefs — “in the divine, the mystical, the spiritual” — above punchy drums, serving a little bit of Hocus Pocus in the process. “There’s something behind those eyes that you can’t disgui-EESE…”

“Growing up in the world of ventriloquism and magic, I’d always hear about Edgar Bergen and Houdini and these Vaudevillian acts, so I think that spirit was ingrained into me very early,” Lola explains of her inspiration for her debut EP. “When I was a teenager I discovered Ella Fitzgerald and Edith Piaf, and then later Fiona Apple, Nina Hagen and Danny Elfman, and all these different worlds of jazz, cabaret and theatrics that existed musically. I knew I wanted to fuse that spirit into my own songwriting.”

Do you believe in Lola‘s magic? I sure do.. get into it below!

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