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Tinashe Brings The Heat On Summery New Single ‘Superlove’!

TinasheFasten your seatbelts bitches, Tinashe‘s Joyride is back in motion!

Following an impressively consistent string of single releases – “Party Favors,” “Player” and “Ride Of Your Life” – unfortunate delays and pushbacks, Tinashe is ready to put the past behind her and move forward with the premiere of her latest single “Superlove“!

The track – produced by hit-making duo The-Dream and Tricky Stewart – is a fresh, radio-ready anthem shimmering with a summery ’90s vibe as Tinashe confesses her love to that special someone. “They will never love you babe (they will never love you)/ Say you’ll never take my love away/ Say you’ll never take my love away/ They will never touch you babe (they will never touch you)/ Like I touched you babe,” Tinashe confidently declares on the breathy chorus (which brings to mind INOJ‘s 1997 hit “Love You Down.”)

With endless earworm melodies (“You know, you know, you know”) and the solid pop sensibility of a killer Ciara production, “Superlove” is undeniably the most fun we’ve heard Tinashe have (apart from maybe “All Hands On Deck” and “Player“), and its certainly one of her more “immediate” tracks to date. Will it get her where she needs to be though… I’m not sure. What do you guys think?

“Superlove,” the new single from Tinashe is available on iTunes / Apple Music now!


  • Maddox

    I’m sorry Jon….but this song is going nowhere. Its a shame cause I do love Tinashe, but this song just is NOT it. Lackluster and so very very boring. To me, Player was much better and she needs more songs like that-which are more pop.

  • Patrick

    totally agree with the comments said so far. I was hoping for something but this single is so busted. The song only really picks up towards the end and then it’s too late to save it, the chorus isn’t catchy at all nor the bridges or hooks. The only thing that saves the song is the rap section. Certainly not 1st single material. I disliked party favours at first but i would take that any day over this dated trash. Plus Tricky and The Dream haven’t produced a decent hit in years, as they never update their tired sound. Such a shame i was really gunning for my girl to slay, but between Britney and Katy this is dead in the water.

  • Archana

    Am I the only one who isn’t generally impressed with Tinashe? And each time she drops a new track, I want to like it, and I really try to, really. But then she releases things like this, and it’s got me like, “NOPE.” Entirely lackluster, forgettable, and quite frankly, annoying. And, like, forgettably annoying. Come on Tinashe, you’re talented. But much of your music thus far has left a LOT to be desired.

  • Maddox

    Thank God y’all agree with me Haha. I thought I was the only one. Yeah….I think she should scrap “joyride” and do a very unexpected vibrant dance pop album….an album Ciara should have done a longgggg time ago. She should just GO FOR IT! At this point there’s nothing left to lose.

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