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Brayton Bowman Keeps It 100 On MNEK-Produced ‘What’s Really Good?’

Brayton BowmanBrayton Bowman wants you to put your money where your mouth is and tell em’ “What’s Really Good?

Following the release of his excellent collaboration with The Magician on “SHY,” the (newly) LA-based singer-songwriter is ready to put the focus back on himself with the release of his new single “What’s Really Good?” – and it just might be the world’s best response to all those talentless fame-hungry dummies.

“I don’t care about the A-list party you went to last night/ I don’t care what designer you wore/ And what your bank account looks like/ You could throw a million dollars down the wishing well/ But it doesn’t matter, no, if you don’t know yourself,” Brayton declares in the opening lines of the ’90’s-influnced MNEK-production. It’s a straight-up, ridiculous #nophucks anthem and I am all about it – GET FAMILIAR NOW!

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