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Olly Murs Leaves Relationship Behind On ‘You Don’t Know Love’!

Olly MursOlly Murs – perhaps better known around these parts as my secret English lover – has been consistently supplying us with superb Brit-pop productions for years now. His presence is a present, kiss his ass.

Just last year, the X Factor UK alum gave us the certifiable sexy jam “Kiss Me” and the oh-so-catchy “Stevie Knows,” both from the re-release of his fourth studio album Never Been Better.

This week, Olly finally returns to us with his very first 2016 output: “You Don’t Know Love“! And surprisingly, he’s changed it up – the funky, throwback sound has been ditched and he’s taken on a more forward-thinking, pop sound. “You don’t know love ’til it tears up your heart/ And cuts it and leaves you with scars/ You’re still feeling/ You don’t know love, You don’t know love,” Olly declares over a propulsive, synth-heavy pulse.

The song is clearly inspired by his breakup from Francesca Thomas, it’s heartbreak on the dancefloor (the best kind, tbh).

BUY Olly Murs’ brand new single “You Don’t Know Love” on iTunes / Apple Music now!

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