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Becky G Declares Her Independence On Debut Spanish Single ‘Sola’!

Becky GBecky G is back, but not quite in the way you were probably expecting.

For those of you not already familiar with the multi-talented little songstress, Becky has been quietly killin’ it for quite some time now thanks to her addictive 2014 breakout anthem, “Shower,” her Island-flavored jam “Can’t Stop Dancin’,” and last year’s “Lovin’ So Hard” and “Break A Sweat.” Apart from music, Becky also has been quietly killin’ it in front of the camera, having had a recurring role in season three of Empire and scoring the role of the Yellow Ranger in the upcoming Power Rangers reboot. Basically, Becky’s doing the damn thing.

Now she’s back to the music side of things with “Sola” (translation: “Alone”), her very first all-Spanish single! And surprisingly, it’s really really good — she’s ready for her full-on Latin diva crossover moment with this super infectious, reggaeton-driven declaration of independence. “Mejor me quedo sola, ah/ Y me voy pa’ la calle, eh/ Voy a vivir mi vida loca, ah/ Sin nadie que me falle, eh” she purrs, as the production deep-dives into an erratic, exotic breakdown. This is the kind of song that works even if you don’t understand what she’s saying – LOVE!!!

“I’ve been working on what will be my first Spanish album. I know this came out of nowhere but when I went on tour with J Balvin, I felt that it was a different world when you’re doing Latin Spanish urban music,” Becky told Billboard. “Us Latinos we’re loud, we want to sing and dance and seeing Balvin‘s style of music resonate with people that way, I knew I wanted to be a part of that cause that’s also who I am and a side of me that I’m very proud of. Although I don’t speak Spanish perfectly, singing it is much easier to do and I just love the way it sounds.”

BUY Becky G’s debut Spanish single “Sola” on Apple Music now!

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