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Shura Delivers More Disco-Pop Greatness On ‘Make It Up’

ShuraAt this point, we’ve heard at least half of Shura‘s upcoming debut LP, Nothing’s Real. (FYI: No one’s complaining.)

And today, we’ve been given further access into the London-based singer-songwriter-producer’s highly anticipated first offering: “Make It Up,” another dreamy slice of disco-pop deliciousness. “Do you ever make it up?/ Do wake up in the night and change your mind?/ Do you ever make it up?,” she ponders over warm sun-soaked beats and infectious guitar plucks.

Make It Up” is beautifully crafted, shimmery magic all on its own, but when packaged together with all the other songs we’ve heard — “What’s It Gonna Be?,” the contents of the White Lights EP, and everything in between — there’s no doubting that Nothing’s Real will end up being included on this year’s “Best Of” list. Do yourself a favor and get into Shura now if you haven’t already.

Pre-order Shura’s debut album Nothing’s Real on iTunes now!

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