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Song of the Week: Morgxn ‘Love You With The Lights On’

morgxnThis week’s Song of the Week comes from newcomer Morgxn!

Born and raised in Nashville, the wxnderlost recordings artist was bitten by the singing bug at an early age. His grandfather, a Vaudeville singer in the same circuit as Eddie Cantor, was instrumental in instilling a deep love of music, singing, and songwriting.

Now as he bounces back between L.A and NY, Morgxn‘s ready to make a name for himself with the release of his debut single “Love You With the Lights On,” which was premiered by Beats 1’s Zane Lowe and digitally via Neon Gold. The track is a hypnotic and atmospheric slice of downtempo deliciousness, made perfect with passionate lyrics of unrequited love.

It’s masterfully produced and perfect for baby makin’, so please — leave this one until you’re in the mood.

“I find it really hard to talk about beauty because my whole life has been people telling me what they think is beautiful on me. the problem is that from early age it was difficult to decipher beauty from danger – and I’ve spent a lifetime running from beauty,” Morgxn said about the track. “What is it we see when we look at ourselves in the mirror? do we see our reflection or do we see some warped version of our reflection based on years of abuse and rejection and judgment and…. fuck. What if we saw each other with the light on some eternal/internal flame that seared through the heart of it all and exposed who we really are – fierce, loving, beating hearts.”

“Love You With The Lights On,” the debut single from morgxn is available on Apple Music now!

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