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Lola Blanc Makes Her Swaggering Return On ‘Don’t Say You Do’!

Lola BlancRemember Lola Blanc?

She’s the promising Los Angles-based singer-songwriter-model-actress responsible for supplying us with “Bad Tattoo” and the Dai Burger-assisted “Coconuts” all the way back in 2014, which sounded something like Gwen Stefani or Rihanna giving us some of that island-flavored greatness we’ve all come to love.

Two years later, and the 28-year-old songstress is back with a brand new offering off her upcoming EP The Magic: “Don’t Say You Do,” a swaggering theatrical slice of piano-driven pop about broken trust. Based on Lola‘s personal romantic experience with a certain ’90s goth-rock icon – yes, Marilyn Manson. (That’s already a win in my book, obviously.)

“If you don’t feel it/ Don’t you fake it/ If it’s a lie / Baby, don’t say it’s true,” Lola cries out along the chorus. It’s a emotional yet relatable little ballad-like stomper, and I am all about it.

“I’ve been quiet on the music front for the past year. I know that. I started over, because I realized that I needed to take the time, with some really special, patient producers, to craft the sound, the feel, the words, the spirit of the music that I REALLY want to be making,” Lola said in a statement (via Instagram). “No more chasing a trend, no more trying to predict what other people will like. I needed to make the music that I somehow lost sight of on my ever-confusing journey through pop music, and the reason that I became a songwriter in the first place. The music of my… you know… heart. (So cheesy ugh sorry.) And now, today, it’s actually finally real! The first song from my very first EP, which I’m so so proud of, is out TODAY. And @vmagazine is premiering it. I’m so happy, guys. It’s been a devastating week, and I’m probably going to go back to being sad and angry right after this. But right now I’m happy. Link is in my profile and song goes to iTunes and Spotify at the end of the week!”

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