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Lauv Teams Up With Travis Mills On New Single, ‘Question’!

LAUV(Newly) LA-based singer-songwriter-producer Lauv, who put out one of our favorite EP’s of 2015, is back with something brand spanking new: “Question” featuring Travis Mills, the lead single off of his second EP (due out later this year).

The track is a very natural progression from the solid, forward-thinking electro-pop found on his debut EP, Lost In The Light. It’s basically a heightened R&B-infused take on his signature sound, but with more of a radio-ready edge. “And baby I’ll stand/ Even when you drive me half, you drive me half insane / If you promise that yeah that it’s not in vain/ If you’ll always do the same for me,” he croons over the slinky pulsations before launching into arguably his most immediate hook to date: “I won’t question, question it / I won’t question, question it.”

“If there’s one big thing I’ve learned about love and being in a relationship, it’s that you have to decide to support somebody and accept their emotions, even when you don’t get them or when you get frustrated,” Lauv said in a statement. “Everybody gives and receives love in their own way. When something in particular means a lot to someone you love, EVEN when you may not get it, it’s important not to challenge their feelings and instead to choose to accept those feelings. Loving somebody isn’t about finding somebody you always agree with. It’s about choosing to support each other even with the things you may not quite understand.”

Lauv clearly hasn’t lost his ability to carve out a killer song with actual meaning, he should be satisfied knowing he’s produced another winner that serves as a sweet kick-off for this next EP – Now bring on the rest!

BUY Lauv’s new single “Question” feat. Travis Mills on Apple Music now!

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