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BROODS Share Lorde Co-Penned ‘Conscious’ Cut, ‘Heartlines’!

BROODSBROODS have been slowly revealing cuts from their upcoming sophomore LP Conscious single by single. So far, we’ve heard the darker, more aggressive lead single “Free” and the ethereal “Couldn’t Believe,” which are great in their own right. But now, it’s time to hear one of the most anticipated cuts from the new album: “Heartlines“!

The track – co-written by good friend and fellow Kiwi Lorde – is a soldiering midtempo that comes armed with a major power-pop hook of a chorus and the same kind of hypnotic tripping beats that characterized much of Lorde‘s debut. “We could fool the datelines/ We could jump the statelines/ I don’t always play nice/ But I wanna feel your heartlines.”

It’s a beautiful little love song, complimented wonderfully with Lorde‘s lyrical touch – WIN!

The new single from BROODS, “Couldn’t Believe” is available on Spotify and Apple Music / iTunes now!

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