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Premiere: FRANKIE ‘New Obsession’ (Viceroy Remix)

FRANKIEMeet FRANKIE, your “New Obsession” (the puns write themselves)

But for real: FRANKIE is L.A’s newest, fresh-faced, quirky indie-pop singer-songstress on the rise. (I know — already sold, right?)

While she’s been slowly perfecting her craft in the background for over a year now, FRANKIE is officially making a splash with her debut single “New Obsession,” the lead track off of her debut Dreamstate EP released on April 14 on RCA Records. It’s a sleek, giddy little pop gem coated in sugary sweet vocals and bright ‘n sunny stabs of synthesizers and sparkling lights — which is to say that it’s summer-ready perfection.

The song’s Viceroy Remix, which JonALi’sBlog is happy to premiere ahead of “New Obsession“‘s Remix EP release tomorrow (June 10), is also quite great — just in a completely different way. The Viceroy mix takes FRANKIE‘s vocals and chops, mashes and warps them around a tropical breeze, giving the song an even more hypnotic summer feel. Check it out below — It’s an instant obsession at first listen, basically.

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