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Tegan and Sara: ‘Love You To Death’ Album Giveaway – Enter Now!

Tegan and Sara are in no need of a formal introduction at this point, obviously.

After nearly 16 years in the industry, the Canadian sister duo – individually known as Tegan Railegend and Sara Keirslay – have inarguably become one of the most influential and continuously innovative acts in the indie-folk-pop musical spectrum, thanks to their knack for supplying us with supremely smart and thoughtful gems time after time.

T&G‘s eighth studio album Love You To Death – the follow-up to 2013’s incredibly good Heartthrob – officially arrives this week, and its a wonderfully cohesive record packed full of cheeky earworm’s (“Boyfriend“), devastating break-up ballads (“100x“) and polished, ’80’s-influnced dance floor throbs (“Stop Desire“), all wrapped up effortlessly in Greg Kurstin‘s signature buoyant production. It’s grown up pop done right!

In celebration of the release, JonALi’sBlog is giving away 3 copies of Tegan and Sara‘s Love You To Death!

Leave a comment below with your full name, email address, and favorite track off Love You To Death.
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