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Aaron Pfeiffer Delivers Velvety Smooth R&B Magic On ‘R E A L’!

Aaron PfeifferAfter making waves and scoring a spot on H&M’s worldwide playlist with February’s “Don’t Call This Us,” up-and-coming Los Angeles-based singer-songwriter Aaron Pfeiffer is already back at it with a brand new slice of velvety smooth R&B perfectly suited for your Friday evening.

Unlike the slightly, ’90s House feel of “Don’t Call This Us,” his latest “R E A L” is a purely heaven-sent, healing Delicate Minds production.

“Is this something real/ am I making it up? / You drive me to maybe believe in love,” he questions across tripping hip-hop beats, atmospheric sounds and delicate piano notes, bringing both the sensual soulfulness of Jessie Ware and Sade to mind, with a little bit of Miguel‘s alt-R&B flow. It’s as sexy as it is soothing — the boy sure knows how to set the mood.

You loving Aaron Pfeiffer so far? Good, you better. Dive into “R E A L” below and realize your truth.

BUY Aaron Pfeiffer’s brand new single “R E A L” on Apple Music now!

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