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MoXiiE Takes Charge On Delicate ‘FVRS’!

My girl MoXiiE is back at it sooner than expected after returning in February with her devastatingly beautiful ballad “Chaos“!

This week, the NYC-based singer-songwriter dropped a new single called “FVRS” from her forthcoming Yoüng Blk Madonna Project, and unlike the majority of her electronica-infused back catalog, like “Jilted” and “Anyway,” the Fredro-produced number is almost jarringly straightforward in its simplicity, led only by delicate drums patterns and discordant sonic textures in the background. It’s easily her most impressive song to date — it could be a FKA Twigs or BANKS song, actually.

“For tonight I/ I’m doing all the FVRS/ I’m doing all the FRVS you like/ Close your eyes tight, I’m gonna be creative/ I’m doing all the FVRS you like,” she dreamily sings above the tripping beats and warm electronic haze. Consider me obsessed!

“It’s about owning what I want and who I am, good and bad,” MoXiiE told Nylon. “I’m telling this guy not to try to mold me or project some fantasy of a ‘perfect girl’ onto me. It’s very ‘it is what it is’.”

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