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Allie X Kicks Off ‘CollXtion II’ With New Single ‘Too Much To Dream’!

Allie X, mysteriously xceptional maker of songs, is back for more!

After the premiere of her freebie “Old Habits Die Hard” back in February, the burgeoning LA-based singer-songstress is already ready to give us more with the premiere of new single “Too Much To Dream,” a track that toys with the concept of fame and hitting it big time. “Anyone can see that I’ve had too much to dream/ I’m singing ’til I’m screaming/ Dancing ’til I’m bleeding/ A cruel reality/ When you’ve had too much to dream/ Better keep your eyes shut/ Cause you don’t wanna wake up,” she confesses above the dreamy, buoyant synth-pop production. What I love most about this is that it sounds like a slightly more toned down take of what we’ve heard from Allie thus far, yet, its initial impact is just as immediate as everything found on CollXtion I.

The release of “Too Much To Dream” coincides with the launch of CollXtion II Unsolved, which will allow fans an up close and personal view of the creative process as she prepares to deliver the definitive version of her sophomore LP CollXtion II, due out later this year. Allie X will be posting finished songs alongside works in progress; including standalone lyrics, demos, alternate versions, rough mixes and live versions. She’s encouraging fans to connect, contribute and, in some instances, collaborate on these as the record takes shape via her social accounts and their feedback will determine the final track listing for CollXtion II. Is that a fan Xperience or what?

BUY Allie X’s new single “Too Much To Dream” on iTunes / Apple Music now!

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