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Jordan Fisher ‘All About Us’: Disney’s Newest Pop Star Arrives With An Impressive Debut!

Jordan FisherTime and time again — from Hilary Duff to Miley Cyrus to Demi Lovato to the Jonas Brothers to Selena Gomez to Zendaya — Disney has managed to launch the careers of some of today’s biggest pop acts.

One of the newest members in the Disney music machine has arrived: Ladies and gentlemen, meet Jordan Fisher. For the above teen crowd who have no idea what a Jordan Fisher is, here’s the deal in short: Jordan has starred in the Disney original movie’s Teen Beach and Teen Beach 2 (Their attempt at another High School Musical). He’s also starred in Disney’s Liv and Maddie, Grease Live!, Teen Wolf, and The Secret Life of the American Teenager. He acts, he dances, he sings, he’s easy on the eyes (he’s 22, I can say that).

Basically, Jordan is a multitalented lil’ bae so its no surprise that he’s now putting his focus on the music side of things with his official debut single, “All About Us,” an instantly catchy, smooth and seductive R&B-pop number — which kind of recalls Nick Jonas‘ “Jealous.” I ain’t mad at it though.. Jordan is totally pulling this off. Consider me SMITTEN IMPRESSED – What do you guys think?

“The video is really an introductory piece for me not only as an artist but also my visual direction and an overall sense of my music by stimulating the senses,” Jordan told VIBE. “The collaborative efforts that were made to create this piece allowed me to simply live in my aesthetic playground for a day. Being able to do that with dancers, choreographers, director and stylist, who all happen to be friends of mine, was a dream.”

BUY Jordan Fisher’s debut single “All About Us” on iTunes / Apple Music now!


  • biyo

    i think he is a very precised and focused person..i have watched most videos and shows with him present and i can say he really knows what he wants…i give him a thumbs up for that..nice job swtty…love all ya works including your ”all i wanna do”

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