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D∆WN Joins Forces With Kingdom On Hazy Late Night Banger, ‘Honest’!

D∆WN aka Dawn Richard knows a lil’ something about being honest: The former Danity Kane member turned alterna-R&B songstress’ has always been straight-up about her DK past and the current state of the music industry. “I think people are starving for something new but have no idea what it is. We’ve been force fed what to like for way too long,” she recently expressed. “I think we need to be reprogrammed. We need to start thinking for ourselves and going out, seeking what we want… Change is inevitable, boxes are ancient. No need to live in them anymore.” PREACH!

After dropping her latest cut “Not Above That,” D∆WN‘s quickly followed up the release with the premiere of a new late night smooth jam called “Honest” — a dysfunctional relationship-themed ode to exactly that. She puts her usual melodic touch on the hazy Kingdom production, sensually drifting along throbbing bass beats, dreamy atmospheric soundscapes and thick plumes of weed smoke. “I rather be honest/ I love you/ Just gotta be honest/ Wanna be next to you/ Right next to you/ I hate you/ Hate you unless I’m touching you/ Then I love you/ Then I want you/ Shit should I feel like this/ I smoke until I choke on you,” she purrs and whispers throughout.

According to the press release, the Kingdom-produced collaboration is just one track in “a bigger body of work between the two” that’s coming soon via his record label Fade to Mind.

BUY D∆WN’s latest single “Honest” on iTunes / Apple Music now!

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