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Tinashe On The Political Side Of Music & Her New Album ‘Joyride’ (Jon ALi Interview)!

Tinashe is rising Queen of everything. Are you listening??

Ever since dropping Aquarius, one of the Best Albums of 2014, as well as some high-profile collaborations with Ty Dolla $ign and Charli XCX, Snakehips, and Bleachers, Tinashe‘s barely had a break, touring around the U.S, flaunting her flawless figure on amazing magazine spreads – from Playboy to Complex to Elle to most recently, Paper magazine – and putting the finishing touches to her upcoming sophomore LP Joyride.

So when will we be getting Joyride? “It won’t be long” the 23-year-old talented diva-on-the-rise told us here at JonALi’sBlog in our recent phone chat. We also got into her epic Girls feature, the political side of music, and what we can expect from her in the lead-up to Joyride. Buckle up and read it all below!

Jon ALi: Hey Tinashe! How are you doing?

Tinashe: Amazing!

Jon ALi: Good, good! I’m so excited to talk to you today. I’ve been a fan for a few years now, my bestie Brad over at MuuMuse introduced me to you a while back and I’ve been following you ever since.

Tinashe: Oh yeah, Bradley. Love him!

Jon ALi: Yeah, he’s the best. He got me hooked on you and everything that you’re doing. I love it!

Tinashe: Aww, thank you. I appreciate that.

Jon ALi: I just saw that you’ll be part of Hot 97’s 2016 Summer Jam line-up, that’s so exciting.

Tinashe: Yeah! I’m so excited, I’m going to hold it down for the ladies.

Jon ALi: That’s right, you’re literally the only female on that line-up.

Tinashe: [Laughs] I am. That’s been the case for most of the hip-hop shows that I’ve been a part of, I’m the only girl on the bill. Always gotta represent! I think it’s because they want to switch it up and I obviously bring a different energy with my live show so it should be good.

Jon ALi: Definitely! So many exciting things happening. But before we get into that I was actually wondering if you watch Girls on HBO at all?

Tinashe: Yeah!

Jon ALi: Okay good, so then you know. I recently caught up and was so surprised to see “All Hands On Deck” featured in a major scene. It was so cool.

Tinashe: Oh my god, it was totally fun. So good!

Jon ALi: For real, I wonder if Lena Dunham was the one to pick your song for that scene. Do you know anything about that?

Tinashe: I believe she is the reason only because I knew for awhile that she was a really big fan. When my album came out she tweeted about it being one of her favorites of the year and I actually worked with Jack Antonoff, her boyfriend, on his cover album for Bleachers. So he kind of mentioned that Lena was going to be playing one of my songs on the show, I was so stoked!

Jon ALi: Yeah!. The song gets like a minute spotlight on there, I was screaming.

Tinashe: [Laughs] Yeah, it was pretty amazing. I loved the scene, it was perfect.

Jon ALi: Yes! But other than that you have so many great things going on. You’ve been releasing songs little by little from the new album Joyride and popping up on all these magazines. Just recently you announced that you had to cancel some worldwide tour dates but that you’re still working on the album. What can you tell us about what’s going on there so people don’t get things twisted?

Tinashe: Yeah, I mean the tour was originally scheduled with the initial release date, which was the end of last year / the beginning of this year. So when all these venues were booked and when we were planning this whole tour, the songs and the album were supposed to be out. So obviously because of the delays and other things that have happened, political reasons, wanting to go back in and make a few changes or whatever, the tour has been put on hold for now. We had already made the commitment to do these shows so I tried to do as many shows as I possibly could but at this point, to me, I feel like the fans really do deserve to hear the music and I’d really love to be able to get it out to them as soon as possible. So the plan is to go back on the road, of course, I want to visit everywhere I planned on going asap but I just really want to make sure that this album gets out and that its on point. So I’m working hard to make sure that happens.

 photo tinashe-paper1_zpso7afl7lx.png

Jon ALi: That makes perfect sense to me and it sounds like you’re doing your best given the situation. Some things are just beyond your control in this crazy music business.

Tinashe: Yeah, I mean there is a political side to music, you know? It’s a music business and I think a lot of the time people don’t take that into consideration and just assume that every move I make is 100% my decision and everything is just completely in my control. Why did you drop this song? Why did you do this? Why did you go on this tour? But like I said, there’s a machine, there’s a business behind all of this and for whatever reason there’s a lot of factors that go into getting an album out and making sure that all those moving pieces complete the puzzle. So for whatever reason we weren’t able to get the album out in January, but like I said, if I’m able to focus on it and put 150% into getting the music done then it will come out as soon as possible. I’m really excited about the music, I put my heart and soul into so I’m really excited for everyone to hear it.

Jon ALi: No yeah, trust no one is complaining. Everyone has been really loving the stuff you’ve been putting out. There’s just such a need for a strong female, R&B-pop force out there right now and I think you’re definitely filling that void.

Tinashe: Thank you!

Jon ALi: The album stuff, the delays and whatever, I think your hardcore fans just aren’t used to it because for so long you were doing everything on your own. You were the one woman machine putting everything out whenever you wanted to so I think it’s just an adjustment. I wouldn’t worry girl!

Tinashe: Yeah, definitely. I hope everyone will forgive me once the album comes out because I believe in it and I know they will love it. I’m just focused right now on getting back in the studio and finishing it all and then I’ll get back on the road. Really soon, it won’t be too long.

Jon ALi: Good, good! All great stuff and we have plenty to enjoy as of now. We have “Player,” “Party Favors,” “Energy” and “Ride Of Your Life,” which I love by the way. Will we be getting a video for that song?

Tinashe: Thank you! I hope so.

Jon ALi: Yeah, would love that. And then you also have “All My Friends” out with Snakehips, which has been blowing up overseas and is doing amazing here in the U.S on the dance charts. Is that song going to have a spot on the album?

Tinashe: Yeah, why not. They’re great guys, I love that song and it could fit really well on the album. I have a lot of other stuff that I’ve created, but yeah, a lot of the music that I’ve been sharing and the music I play in my live show is really from that new album of this new era so I’m excited. We will see! Who knows what will happen in the next couple of weeks, I’m just really excited. Like I said, it won’t be long so stay tuned. That’s the plan!

Jon ALi: Amazing, as you should be. Well I didn’t want to take up too much of your time, I appreciate you talking to me in-between the tour. Have a great finish and I look forward to everything that is set to come. You’re killing it!

Tinashe: Thank you, Jon. Joyride Joyride Joyride, it’s coming soon I promise. Thank you for talking to me.

Jon ALi: Thank you!


  • Tangane

    Great interview! I’m glad to hear the album is not that far away! I need something to cheer me up as I just received the e-mail saying that my concert in Paris has been cancelled… 😉

  • Marcio

    I’m so sad she had to cancel her tour, I had meet & greet tickets to her show in Auckland :S I’m hoping she’ll re-schedule 🙂 btw Jon, did she seem upset or anything about this change of plans?

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