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Will.I.Am & Pia Mia Team Up On Below Average Bop, ‘Boys & Girls’!

Will.I.Am, the man responsible for the tragedy that was Britney Jean, has returned.

It’s been three years since the release of his fourth solo album, #willpower. In that time, the Black Eyed Peas singer-songwriter-producer has (for the most part) stayed out of the limelight, emerging only on The Voice UK as a coach. (He’s appreciated more over there I guess)

This week, Will officially makes his return to the music side of things with the premiere of his new single called “Boys & Girls” featuring rising pop-princess Pia Mia, a urban-leaning dance bop driven by a bouncy beat and sparkling synth progression, accompanied by hi-hats and hand-claps galore. “The girls wanna play with boys/ And the boys wanna play with girls/ And the girls wanna play with girls/ Boys wanna play with boys/ So boy don’t you love with world?,” Pia sings throughout the track’s repetitive hook.

As much as I would like to love this song for Pia‘s sake (justice for “Touch“), it just isn’t doing anything for me. It’s another utterly generic production with lyrics that are filled with nothing but cliche after cliche. This formula worked well for him years ago with the Black Eyed Peas, but it now feels almost painful to listen to. A reinvention is needed Will.I.Am!

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  • Jae

    It’s really the chorus that kills this song. That bangin beat goes away and here we have some boy & girl mumbo jumbo that does absolutely nothing for Pia. It actually makes her seem like some generic talentless rando, which we know she’s not. Oh Will….so close, yet so far away!! A little more time spent on Pia’s part and this would a been a spring time banger.

  • WordsWithSam

    That chorus is probably one of the worst things I’ve ever heard in a pop song in a good, long while. Seriously, what the hell is that and how did no one in the studio make a comment that it was incredibly repetitive and very, very dumb. It doesn’t fit with will’s part, which, it pains me to say, is not awful and it brings the beat to a screeching halt. It’s even worse for the pacing than A$AP Rocky’s bit in Good For You.

    I’m all for Pia Mia making a go for it, but these features on Pitbull and Will.I.Am songs will do nothing to further her career or heighten their profiles. Those guys are the only ones that get increased exposure from these tracks. Instead, they become sorry footnotes on somewhat decent pop catalogues. Just ask Havana Brown and Bebe Rexha.

    • patrick

      WOW. you took the words right out of my mouth. and Yaaaaasssss to Havana Brown and Bebe mention, i sadly think this will be the case with Bebe 🙁 the dying of the hair was the first sign of attention grabbing mediocrity……

      • WordsWithSam

        The first time I saw a pic of Bebe with the bleach blonde hair, my train of thought was a.) who is that? and b.) (once it dawned on me) uh-oh. Now she’s twerking alongside Nicki Minaj. It must be frustrating for her to wait in the wings, while making genuinely good music and getting no recognition. Even still, this was not the route I saw her taking. Hopefully she retains some of the original charm and doesn’t go full generic pop star.

        • patrick

          The black hair actually suited her far better and the image she was originally going for. Nicki i think was probably a last minute add-on (even though she has been teasing the song since november) by the label to boost the appeal. Bebe is with Warner who have a long history of fucking around their artists (Wynter Gordon, The Veronicas, Neon Hitch) whilst they develop their sound…..Bebe’s ‘i don’t wanna grow up” EP seems so odd sitting next to this.

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