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‘Champagne Problems’: Nick Jonas’ Post-Breakup Last Hurrah Banger!

Champagne Problems“.. who’s get em? No this is not a Carly Rae Jepsen moment. (I can’t help myself)

Following the release of Nick JonasTove Lo-assisted lead single “Close,” which just landed Nick his highest Billboard Hot 100 debut of his solo career, roaring in at No. 27 – the 23-year-old triple-threat has decided to be generous and provide us with a brand new glimpse into his upcoming LP Last Year Was Complicated: “Champagne Problems“!

The track is another slick, dance-ready pop gem that sees Nick calling it quits with his ex, but not before they indulge in one last hurrah with an expensive bottle, or two, or three. “We got champagne problems/ Only one way to solve ’em/ Raising our glass cause it’s our last/ With these champagne problems/ Just keep on, keep on drinking,” he demands over a throbbing backline and pitch-shifted synths. “Keep on, keep on drinking..”

It’s probably not the cleanest way to end things with your ex, but it does for sure make for one catchy tune!

Pre-order Nick Jonas’ new album Last Year Was Complicated on iTunes / Apple Music now!


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