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‘Boyfriend’: Tegan & Sara Deliver Ultimate Are-We-Dating-Or-Nah Anthem!

Last month, Tegan and Sara officially spilled the beans on their upcoming Greg Kurstin-produced eighth studio album Love You To Death. And now, as promised, the very talented Canadian duo have debuted the project’s official lead single: “Boyfriend“!

Continuing with their foray into synth-pop territory that they started with 2013’s amazing Heartthrob, “Boyfriend” sees the sis duo laying down their sweet vocals on-top of propulsive ’80’s-esque synthesizers and signature, Kurstin-esque electronica while they get all serious about that whole are-we-dating-or-just-casually-hooking-up stage (we’ve all been there!): “You treat me like your boyfriend/ And trust me like a… like a very best friend/ You kiss me like your boyfriend/ You call me up like you want your best friend/ You turn me on like you want your boyfriend/ But I don’t want to be your secret anymore.”

As expected, the song comes packed with sharp, relatable lyricism and their knack for supplying supreme pop hooks. The end result? Pop perfection! But did we really expect anything less? It’s Tegan and Sara!

“It’s a pretty straightforward pop song about a relationship that I was getting into with a girl who had never dated a girl before. She had a guy that she was sort of seeing, and we used to joke around that she was treating me like her boyfriend, and I was trying to get her to tie it down,” Sara told Matt Wilkinson on Beats 1. “I wanted her to make it official with me. And I think that’s pretty relatable: obviously, being gay, the sort of gender twist in the song. I get that that sometimes doesn’t seem immediately relatable to everybody, whether they’re straight or whatever. But [it’s] this idea that we’ve all been in that situation where we really like someone and we want to make it official, and they’re not ready.”

UPDATE: Along with Love You To Death‘s pre-order, Tegan and Sara have unleashed “U-Turn” – Listen below!

Pre-order Tegan and Sara’s eighth studio album Love You To Death on iTunes now!


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