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Parson James Premieres Inspirational ‘Temple’ Music Video!

Unless you’re new around here, then you already know that I’m all about New York City-based singer-songwriter Parson James!

Last night, the “Stole The Show” hit-maker got some well-deserved recognition after Keith Urban recruited American Idol finalist Trent Harmon to sing his song “Waiting Game” during the Top 3 Results Show. Since last night’s showing, Parson‘s debut Temple EP has skyrocketed to the top of the iTunes Pop Chart, which leads us to the just released music video for title track/current single “Temple“!

In the clip, directed by Olivia Malone, we see a sharp dressed Parson preaching alongside a choir – entirely composed of members from the LGBT community – in the same church from Quentin Tarantino‘s Kill Bill. Truly inspirational stuff that hits very close to home – LOVE!!

“The temple video represents the struggle I found in my early life feeling like an outcast in my community desperately seeking to find acceptance,” Parson told V Magazine. “I tried to please people for so long and alter who I was as a person to fit in when in realty all I needed to do was learn to love myself. The message is celebratory and is ultimately depicting a coming to realization of being proud of who you truly are. With casting I wanted to make sure I had a completely diverse cast trans/queer/gay/people of color celebrating who we are as human beings and being absolutely proud of that. The video takes you through a completely dark and lonely place and ends with a complete moment of self love and true pride. Which can apply to any and everyone who has felt the need to change for another person/people.”

BUY The Temple EP, the debut EP from Parson James on iTunes / Apple Music now!

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