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‘Used 2 This’: The Excellent (Re-)Introduction Of Bad W0lfy Danishei!

Bad W0lfyMove aside basic bitches, my girl W0lfy is back and coming through to snatch wigs!

Granted, Ro “Bad W0lfy” Danishei – singer, BMG songwriter, model – is no stranger to releasing music on her own. She had her first run at indie-pop solo stardom back in 2011 with her debut album End Of The Rainbow, featuring gems like “Drunk Txt” and “Prey To The Beat,” all of which was followed by Wrathschild, a side project with her musical partner-in-crime Simon Curtis!

Now she’s back with, “Used 2 This,” her new single performed under new moniker Bad W0lfy! And mercifully, nothing super drastic has changed — she’s evolved and picking up right where she left off. The frantic and punchy pop gem comes equipped with blippy, skittering electronica beats, catchy chanty melodies and hi-octane bright synth-pop flourishes courtesy of producer Ray Reich. “I could get get get get used to this used to this with you you you you you,”she repeats throughout the addictive hook.

“It’s about getting into a relationship with yourself like you would with another and feeling super awkward in your body and liking it,” W0lfy said in a statement. “About self exploration, gender fluidity and coming into your own.”

Used 2 This” is, quite simply, a excellent pop production. For pop lovers, this one isn’t just a recommendation–it’s required listening. More singles and a full album are confirmed to be on their way soon. Get familiar – YOU’RE WELCOME!

“Used 2 This” is available on Spotify and Apple Music / iTunes now!


  • JDD

    So much 90’s inspired material going on at the moment in the music industry (Meghan Trainor with No, Broods with Free and now this song) and being 33yrs old, I’m liking it!!!

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