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Meghan Trainor Feels Herself On ‘Thank You’s ‘Watch Me Do’!

Totally not into “NO“? No worries, Meghan Trainor is “on a low-hater diet”!

While her late ’90s/ early ’00s biting lead single continues to rise on the Billboard Hot 100 (currently #12), the Grammy winning singer-songwriter has decided to provide us with another glimpse into her upcoming sophomore LP titled Thank You!

What a generous pop star, no? This week, Meghan has thrown “Watch Me Do” into the ring as Thank You‘s very first pre-order grat track. And instead of diving deeper into the ’90’s era, “Watch Me Do” finds Meghan toying with a more funk-influenced pop sound as she feels herself – “Cause I just woke up and I feel some type of way/ I get all choked up when I see how much I made” – and lets her inner James Brown out – “watch me!

The track, produced by Wallpaper and co-written by Meghan, Jacob Kasher and LunchMoney Lewis, is a fun little pop ditty that makes sense as the opener of the LP, but I wouldn’t consider it a single by any means.

Thank You is quickly turning out to be quite the experimental era for Meghan – I diggs!

Pre-order Meghan Trainor’s sophomore album Thank You on iTunes / Apple Music now!

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